Thursday, 15 February 2018

Leading causes of fantasy deaths.

Inspired by this real world infographic:

I decided to have a crack at populating it with leading causes of death in fantasy books/films.

This is my work in progress. Any suggestions to improve it?

Sunday, 4 February 2018


I have a couple of Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of Grey Sister left.

And I've recently received some UK paperbacks for Red Sister.

 So, I'm giving away a signed Grey Sister ARC to the best entry to this contest, and signed Red Sister paperbacks to 3 randomly selected entries.

To enter the contest send me a photo of any of my books and have the photo contain something relevant to the book.

For example, here is a photo of Red Sister with an apple, because Sister Apple is an important character in the story. And one with a candle - important in the story, and this one is even personalised. Or just include something creative that in some way 'fits' the story.

Or, you can send in a photo of any quote from my books written physically in some interesting location. I.e no text added to the photo, but a photo of a quote on a piece of paper stuck or held somewhere, or a quote painted on a wall, or written on your leg in lipstick, or whatever.

Send entries to me at (downsized if you're feeling kind). I will post them here.

I will give plenty of warning before the contest closes.


#43 Csenge

#42 JJ

#41 Daniel

#40 Thomas

#39 Simon

#38 Richard, the tale is in the titles

#37 Delara

#36 Monica

#35 Airin

#34 Geeta

#33 Sethia

#32 Kristin

#31 Sue

#30 Andrew

#29 Patrik (whose wife says he looks like me! Seen here imitating a recent photo of yours truly)

#28 Sara

#27 Di Acordi -  "Whatever monster might be in me, it was always mine, my choice, my responsibility, my evil if you will". (from the start of Di's book in Brazilian Portuguese).

#26 Vonna

#25 Chane, If Jorg had access to social media.

#24 Kobe

#23 Mark

#22 Cin (maille-ing it in!)

#21 Patrick

#20 Luke

#19 Stefan

#18 Steve (with the book taking his customary reading spot: on the edge of his seat)

#17 Harry (playing off Jorg's affection for mountains)

#16 Alicia

#15 Mayticks

#14 Nikolas

#13 Tristan (expand if you don't mind BIG SPOILERS for King of Thorns)

#12 Francesca (Loki's Laboratory: those with good memory and sharp eyes may spot the rat and remember its significance)

#11 Ant

#10 Jaime

#9 Leslie

#8 Jayden

#7 Chris R (on audiobook)

#6 Chris H

#5 Gabor

#4 Morgan

#3 Brittany

#2 Stuart (at the edge of the Rock of Faith!)

#1 Joy